How Does a Business Develop an Identity?

How Does a Business Develop an Identity? BBC Motorsports has used “Customer Reviews” as a report card for it’s Management Team and Employees. We use each of our reviews descriptive adjectives or (action words) to see how we are recognized in our Dallas community and beyond. We recently received a review from one of our customers that really depicts how we want our business to operate and be seen by our customer community. We strive everyday to have this written about us “I was recommended by my Boss to check out BBC Motorsports website. Instantly - I found the car I wanted. The next day I met with Jason at BBC Motorsports and from START TO FINISH this was hands down the BEST customer service in a car sales world I have ever had. As a woman, I loathe car shopping because car salesmen are normally sharks that will not let you leave without a fight (and possibly crocodile tears haha). At BBC Motorsports, they were friendly, super transparent and communicative. They worked around my budget that I gave them, and was able to get me a really good deal! Even with me having to go out of town, they made sure the car was in good shape and held it for me until I came back. Signing the paperwork with Neal (the owner) was also very pleasant and he made sure to explain everything to me down to the tiniest detail! I would recommend this place to EVERYONE! Thanks BBC MOTORSPORTS!”
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