It’s the All About Series 2 at BBC Motorsports Part 1! VALUE Of USED verse NEW BBC Motorsports has gained a reputation as having Value priced vehicles. We say it’s all about Value! In the United Sates there are almost 2.2 Used Vehicles sold for every 1.0 New Vehicle sold. Why is that? There is a large population of Used Vehicles in the marketplace almost 300 million and the number of New Vehicles produced annually is around 18 million. The “average” New Vehicle sells for upwards of $35,000.00. The “average” Used Vehicle sells for right at $20,000.00. So why should you choose a Used vehicle over a new vehicle. A new vehicle does have all the charm of being new. For some consumers the new vehicle is a must. However, it also has immediate depreciation when you sign a buyer’s order and put the key in the ignition. That’s the costliest move you will ever make as a consumer. We would suggest that before you sign a New Vehicle buyer’s order you step back a moment and consider a used car that fits you and or your family’s needs. It may take a little time but searching the internet and places like Cars Guru, Autotrader,, Google are valuable tools that can help you compare the value proposition.
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