All About Series 2 at BBC Motorsports Part 2

It’s the All About Series 2 at BBC Motorsports Part 2! VALUE Of USED verse NEW On “average” this is what you will find. In the compromise you will save at least $250.00 per month on auto payments. Secondly, you will reduce your debt by over $16,000.00. Many consumers do not look at their personal balance sheet when buying a new vehicle verse a used vehicle. This number may change your debt to equity and lower your credit score. Lower debt gives you wiggle room if something goes bump in the night. Remember, the new car looks and smell fades away quickly, but the payments stick around for 60, 72, and even for some 84 months. BBC Motorsports offer value and high quality pre-owned vehicles. We would love to have the opportunity to help you evaluate the options of new verse used. We may have the right option for you in our inventory or we may be able to find the right choice for you in your purchase window. Give us a go. Visit today. It’s all about value and a customer friendly process.
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