Why Buying Quality Pre-Owned Trumps A New Car Purchase? When considering a vehicle purchase it is always good to compare Used Car cost of ownership verse a New Car. Ben Franklin, used the ideas for verse the ideas opposed to evaluate option’s, so he could select the best option. There is nothing like having a new car right off the lot. The problem is that the satisfaction of owing a new car fade very quickly as the cost become a reality. First off, the cars diminish in value by the sales tax, and the first year’s depreciation. In addition, you may find that the price of insurance has gone up. You may also find that your ability to borrow money in the future has been hampered. The problem is Cars, Trucks, and Sport Utility vehicles are a depreciating asset. New car stores will stretch out the length of the loan to accommodate an acceptable payment. However, the value of the vehicle may not match what you owe down the road. That is the true dilemma. That’s where the term “upside down” comes from. BBC Motorsports suggest that considering quality pre-owned vehicle three or four years old can be a great option. Finding the right Car, Truck, or Sport Utility with some of the manufacturers warranty still in place is a wise choice. This will allow you to purchase protection or an extended service contract for over 100,000 miles. This will limit your downside risk. These vehicles will be 50% of the cost of a new vehicle. Check out our Lexus Lease Returns.
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