It’s All About Series at BBC Motorsports “The Old is Forever New” Is that just a cliché’ or does it have merit? I think that history is a great teacher. BBC Motorsports has recently had the opportunity to acquire many Lexus 2015 and 2016 F series vehicles. The F series is available in the LS, GS, IS, RX, RC, CT and NX models. I was in our showroom and I picked a magazine and read an article written a few years back by Michael Frank in the magazine “Clubs”. The title of the article “Lexus, Track Worthy?”. The sub-title is “Japanese Luxury carmaker hits its German rivals where it hurts”. The F series car significantly improves wheel, suspension, and steering adding up to a better and improved road feel. I have driven a few F Series cars and know that that stack up very well against the BMW, Mercedes and Cadillac. We know that Lexus beats all cars in long-term reliability surveys. That’s why BBC Motorsports thinks it’s the best value going for a quality pre-owned certified Lexus. A smart buy. Yes! We have over 100 Lexus 2015 and 2016 either in stock on their way to our 60,0000 square foot indoor warehouse. To the tee they have all had easy life’s and Lexus Owners are known to take excellent care of their vehicles. Visit us on-line and review our selection of Pre-owned Lexus’s. They are value priced and the selection is outstanding at BBC Motorsports and we have a fun place to shop.
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