It’s All About Selection at BBC Motorsports When I speak to friends and they ask what business I am in my reply is the Used Vehicle Business. The follow-up question is usually What is the name of your business. I reply BBC Motorsports. They often then ask do you sell high end vehicles or motorcycles? I love talking about the car business. Everyone has a story about one of their vehicles or about their favorite vehicle. Why the name BBC Motorsports? First, all the business partners last names are Burr, Burr and Courtney. That is where the BBC comes from our last name initials. Secondly, as one of our customers pointed out. We have sports teams and individual athlete’s memorabilia throughout our office. That is where the sports part of our name comes from. The motor part is all about our wonderful inventory. I am often asked about what we specialize in. The answer is a bit complicated but essentially it is quality pre-owned vehicles that for the most part is under manufacturer’s warranty. This gives our customers piece of mind. We always have a large selection of Trucks, SUV’s and a large selection of Lexus cars and sport utilities. Visit us at BBC Motorsports on-line or stop by and view our inventory and sports memorabilia in our 1.4 acre indoor facility.
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