THE AMAZING AUGUST LEXUS LEASE RETURN SALE @ BBC Motorsports over 100 available The quality built into a Lexus product makes it tops of the list of the quality standards in the automotive industry. Lexus manufacturers some of the most innovative designed vehicles including the F Sport. The F Sport looks great sitting still in the showroom but looks terrific moving down the road. The aggressive design and looks of the 2015 and later Lexus F sports are as new looking today as when they hit the showroom in 2015. BBC Motorsports has been fortunate enough to accumulate over 100 lease returns for model years 2015 and 2016. We know they are great values and priced very aggressively for our August Amazing sales campaign. We are receiving calls and shipping vehicles all over the country. We even have many Auto Dealers buying our inventory. These lease returns are in pristine condition. Almost every BBC Motorsports Lexus has a factory warranty remaining giving our customers peace of mind. Please visit us on-line at or call us at 214-905-6100 or just stop by and look at our entire indoor inventory of Lexus– Models • ES (11) • GS (17) • GX (1) • IS (41) • LS (6) • NX (9) • RC (5) • RX (13)
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