"It's all About The Road Trip" I read recently in the Wall Street Journal about the Automotive Road Trip being more in fashion these days. However, the Journal points out that the new road trip is now a well planned out trip mapping which includes high end pricey destinations. This summer I decided to take a road trip to Northern California to beat the Dallas, Texas summer heat. With a family of five and our favorite dog my wife and I choose to drive a Chevrolet Suburban from Dallas to Pacific Grove California. My wife and I and our Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier Samantha loaded up the Suburban and our kids were traveling by air. So hear is a list of a few things that we had to consider on our road trip. First off, it was a three day drive. Two long days and one short day. We had to find pet friendly hotel's. They are out there but require a little planning and a few extra dollars. We made sure that our vehicle was ready for the road. The group at BBC Motorsports inspected the vehicle, made sure all of the current maintenance was up to date. We made sure we had roadside assistance in case of a emergency and new tires and balance and alignment of our tires and wheels. We packed extra set of keys-just in case. When driving through the desert we made sure our fuel level would get us to the next major stop. We enjoyed the scenery and were elated with how easily the Chevrolet Suburban LTZ handled the 1700 miles. Visit us a BBC Motorsports. The Next Road Trip!
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